Thursday, October 26, 2017

Techromancy Scrolls: Westlands

The fourth volume of the epic Techromancy Scrolls series, Westlands, is published!

On October 24, 2017 my eBook, Techromancy Scrolls: Westlands, was added at! And as I always do, I have print on demand paperbacks available there as well!

This wound up being the quintessential story to illustrate the growth that Laney has made as a character from the chicken farmer we met at the beginning of the series, not all of it good. When I started the first Techromancy Scrolls series as a secret side project, I never imagined it would become the most popular series I have written. I have loved watching each of the characters grow and evolve throughout the series and introducing fun and new characters to steal your hearts.
Like the prior books, I had quite a bit of anxiety trying to keep the magic of Lanay and Celeste and the people of Sparo alive and engaging, and I'd like to think I succeeded. In just hours after going live, you again sowed my worry was unfounded as Westlands has already made it into the top ten bestseller list in its category and climbing. I heart you all!


The book continues to follow follow the adventures of s a simple commoner who became a noble and Knight in Wexbury Keep, Laney Herder, almost three thousand years after a natural disaster wiped out most life on Earth.

Laney and Celeste, Templars of Sparo, embark upon a mission of mercy to a far off land to aid a people thought lost to time before the Altii even found the Lower Ten.

The Westlands are found along with a new enemy that Sparo may not be able to stand against… Avalon.

Can this new threat be the Great Wizards of the Before Times? New alliances will be forged, hearts will be held and broken as Laney faces her biggest challenge yet.


The next book in the series, Avalon, will be out in mid to late 2018.

I have the the best fans that any author could hope to have! Within a few hours of its release, Westlands rocketed onto the bestseller list! It is impossible for me to convey just how much I love my readers! I appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. I also accept small stuffed animals wearing overalls.
I'd love to hear feedback and discussion from YOU about the characters in Westlands. I'd love to discuss the story with you!

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