Tuesday, February 16, 2016

London Harmony: Squid Hugs

The Seventh London Harmony book is published!

On February 16, 2016 my eBook, London Harmony: Squid Hugs, was added at Amazon.com! And of course, as usual, I have also have print on demand paperbacks available as well!

London Harmony is a spinoff series of my bestselling romance series, Music of the Soul. It follows June Harris-West and her unorthodox family as they discover musical talent in London. Handing out the J-Cards that have become an urban legend in the underground music community. Each book features the story of one of these spectacular women.

This is seventh book of the series, Squid Hugs. It follows the story of Zilrita Marx and Jennifer Harrison as they face the challenges of life and love together, oblivious to each others feelings for the other.

Following in the tradition of the other books in the Music of the Soul and London Harmony series, each book can be read as standalone tales but all exist in the same world. Minor crossovers occur. ---

Zilrita has excelled at managing the London Harmony record studio for June Harris-West since its inception. The label has excelled over the years to establish itself at the pinnacle of the music industry.

The squid hugging happy goth, has accomplished everything she has ever dreamed of except one thing... catching the eye of their intrepid receptionist, Jennifer, who makes Zil weak in the knees.

Jen had grown up with a lifetime of bullying, bigotry, and hate because of her particular circumstances. She wishes that one day, her dream girl, a certain happy goth woman, would take notice of her.

It seems that everyone around them knows how the two women feel but can't seem to make the ladies make the connection.

When an emergency sends Zilrita home to Denver after being away for thirteen years. Will her return tear the two women apart od bring them together in the way both had dreamed of?


This book concentrated on the character development and backstory of one of the most loved characters in the Music of the Soul and London Harmony series. It explores the reasons behind many of the quirky character traits of everyone's favorite goth. And the life that her love interest, Jen, has lived.

There are no readers better than my My super platypus awesome readers! My MOTS fans again and again show that they support the new London Harmony series that is written in the Music of the Soul style. Again, only hours after publishing, Squid Hugs not only made it onto the bestseller list in its genre!

I can only thank my fans for being so spectacular and following the crew over at London Harmony. And I want each and every one of you to know that I love you and appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. I also accept anti-gravity boots in size 9-1/2.
I'd enjoy to hear feedback from YOU about the story and characters of Squid Hugs. I'd love to discuss the story with you!