Monday, July 21, 2014

Drakon: Dragonfall

My second book in the Drakon series, Dragonfall, is published!

On July 20, 2014 my new eBook, Drakon: Dragonfall, was published at! Of course print on demand paperbacks are live as well! I heard from some excited fans of the fiery Myra that they were grabbing the book as soon as it went live!

As always, I'll start by saying a little bit about this new book before I give an quick overview of the story itself. Once again, the main character in this book and her mate and protector are taken on a turbulent ride into a paranormal world of magic, elementals, and dragons. I like saying that, "and dragons"!

This book is the second book to take place in the Drakon universe. Continuing the twist on the legends of dragons that have popped up around the world. It is the continuing story of Myra O'Connell after she discovered she was a dragon of old, and the life she and the agent assigned to protect her now lead.


In Drakon: Dragonfall we follow Doctor Myra Myra O'Connell as she and the woman she loves, Agent Quinn Trask of the FBI investigate the mysterious murders of the dragons of Denver.

While Quinn and her task-force follow their leads, Myra and her research group search for clues in an ancient scroll describing a similar string of dragon murders that happened back in the second century. Could they be related?

Myra must face her paralyzing fears and bring her dragon form to bear against evil incarnate. The fate of her dragons and the people of Earth lie in the balance.

Oh, and did I mention... Merlin?


The romance is a gentle undercurrent to this exciting paranormal tale. I hope you enjoy delving into folklore and fantasy as we follow the adventures of Myra, Queen of the Dragons.

No other author has readers as spectacular as mine, I can't put into words just how awesome they are to me. As soon as I published this book, it started selling. I am excited to share the next book in the Drakon series, Shadows in a few months.

And as always, I want my readers to know that I love them and appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. I also accept ice cream sandwiches.

There is a sneak peek chapter of the eleventh book in my Music of the Soul series, Lightning Strikes Twice, at the end of the book. We finally get the story of what happens with Mia and Vicky at the end of A Deafening Whisper!

I'd love to hear feedback and discussion from YOU about the characters in Drakon: Dragonfall. I'd love to discuss the story with you!