Monday, November 18, 2013

Fracture: Divergence

The first Fracture series book is published!

On November 15, 2013 my eBook, Fracture: Divergence, was added at! Print on demand paperbacks are live too! I was really nervous writing this series, paranormal is a new genre for me. But the early response from my kick butt readers is positive!

As with all my other books I'll start by saying a little bit about this book before I give go into an overview of the storyline. The main characters in this emotional and psychological paranormal story are women, you can find it in the "Paranormal - Witches and Wizards", "Paranormal Romance", and "Lesbian Romance" categories on

This book is the first book to take place in the Fracture universe. Where magic is real and can be channeled by witches and used by mages. I came up with the idea to have a paranormal investigator solving one case in two separate parallel universes but somehow able to communicate with his counterpart in the other reality. Fracture: Divergence was born.


In Divergence, the book is narrated by the main character, Alex King. A man who is a powerful mage, able to call fourth magic using mage tools. Alex is an Arcane Investigator who is tasked to locate a man who is connected with the slow collapse of reality through unnatural fractures caused by this mysterious person.

While fighting for his life in the most intense mage battle he had ever been in, Alex follows the man, Talbot, through a tear in the fabric of space into an parallel universe. Alex wakes to find himself in the body of the Alex that lives in this new reality. The problem? The Alex in this universe is female.

Alex must come to terms with being trapped in this foreign body in a world that is identical to his in all other ways as he tracks down Talbot with the witches of the Justice Coven to save the world from being consumed by fractures. He finds his girlfriend, Jackie, has a dark secret of her own.


As I wrote this one the characters just seemed to flow and their interactions sometimes even surprised me as they gained more depth. I was excited to see what people thought so I published it 24 hours hours ahead of my own schedule. As always, it may not be as polished or professional as most, but that's just my writing style. I believe this was a story worth sharing bad grammar and all.

I simply love my readers. As soon as I published this new story, it started to sell. With the positive reviews and comments I have received, I will definitely be working on book two soon..

As always, I want my readers to know that I love them and appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. I also accept chocolate cake.

There is a sneak peek chapter of the seventh book in my Music of the Soul series, Broken Song, at the end of the book. For almost two decades, Penny ruled the punk rock world. But then it all fell apart when she decided to leave it all behind. Losing her family, her fortune and her fame, what else could happen? Her routine physical answered that for her. She decides to end it all, but stumbles upon a woman, Sandra, who shows her the power of true selflessness and love.

I'd love to hear feedback and discussion from YOU about the characters in Fracture: Divergence. I'd love to discuss the story with you!