Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Bridge: Trolls

My first book in the Bridge series, Trolls, is published!

On September 20, 2014 my eBook, The Bridge: Trolls, was added at! As usual, print on demand paperbacks are also available! I can't tell you how much I appreciate my readers, copies were flying off the virtual shelves as soon as it went live!

As I always do, I'll say a little something about this new series before I give a story overview. I am always trying to find new and unexpected ways to twist familiar myths and legends into something fresh and unexpected. When I thought of paranormal stories, I realized that vampires and werewolves are flooding the bookstores, way past the saturation point. I thought to myself, "Hey self, what can we do that is different and unique?" The first thing that popped into my head was, what if bridge trolls were not what we all believed?

This book is the first book to take place in the Bridge universe. It follows a modern day reluctant hero, Evangeline Kane, and the city's supernatural enforcer, the Custodian, Sharee Krynn, into the world of trolls and the Under-Veil.


In The Bridge: Trolls, Evangeline Kane finds herself teetering on the edge of madness when she starts seeing the monsters she has only seen as shadows, walking the streets of Cincinnati. It happens after a man dies in her arms on the Roebling Suspension Bridge.

She learns that against her wishes she is now the Troll of the bridge, one of the city's protectors, and bound to the bridge.

Along with some fae that she befriends and the enforcer of the city, the Custodian, Sharee Krynn. Together they must prepare Kane to defend the city against malevolent fae bent on destruction and corruption of the mortals who live in the city.

Somewhere along the way, Evangeline finds herself falling for the Custodian, who is feared by all in the supernatural world hiding within Cincinnati. Evangeline learns to love the bridge and the city and pits herself against creatures with ill intent with no regard for her own safety and finds herself living with purpose for the first time in her life.


The message behind this book is simply that when things are thrust upon us that we did not expect, it can bring out the best in us when we step up to do the right thing.

I super platypus heart my readers, I know that you are the best readers that any author can ask for. You were snagging copies before I finished pressing the publish button.

As I always do, I want my readers to know that I love them and appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. I also accept mechanical chipmunks.

There is a sneak peek chapter of the twelfth book in my Music of the Soul series, June, at the end of the book. June is ready to step out of the shadow of her parents and take London by storm.

I'd love to hear feedback and discussion from YOU about the characters in The Bridge: Trolls. I'd love to discuss the story with you!