Thursday, June 27, 2019

Tales From Olympus: Alfheim

Alfheim, the second book in my new Tales From Olympus scifi mythology series with a touch of lesfic romance has been published!

On June 26, 2019 my eBook, Tales From Olympus: Alfheim, was added at! And as I always do, print on demand paperbacks are available for your reading pleasure as well!

Tales From Olympus is the continuation of my bestselling Valkyrie Chronicles series. This chapter follows Aretemis and the Valkyrie of Asgard as they try to save the Citadel of Olympus from Titan Star Killer vessels.


As Artemis looks on, the Olympians, under the threat of attack of two incoming Titan vessels, must flee their home and abandon their Citadel on Olympus. Kara, the Wild One, First Valkyrie of Asgard heads out into space to draw a line to dare the Titans to cross.

A plan is devised that may allow for the rapid charging of the Citadel's Jump Drive. But for the plan to succeed, they need to forge a pact with the only planet with people not of the United Races.

Artemis, the Three Embers, and a peace envoy must travel to Alfheim to treat with the Queen of the Light Elves to allow the Olympians to seek sanctuary on their planet.

(The Tales From Olympus are the continuation of the Valkyrie Chronicles)


You are the most amazing readers an author can have... as you have already put Alfheim on the top ten Amazon bestseller list in its category! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you all!
As always, I'd like to send a huge platypus thank you out to all of you. And I'd love and appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. I also accept vorpal tunnel projectors.
I'd love to hear feedback from YOU about the story and characters of Alfheim. I'd be thrilled to discuss the story with you!