Saturday, December 17, 2016

Techromancy Scrolls: Masquerade

The third volume of the epic Techromancy Scrolls series, Masquerade, is published!

On December 16, 2016 my eBook, Techromancy Scrolls: Masquerade, was added at! And as I always do, I have print on demand paperbacks available there as well!

This wound up being the longest and I think deepest book I have written to date. When I started the first Techromancy Scrolls book, Adept as a secret side project, I never imagined it would become the most popular book I have written. I loved the epic adventures of Laney and Celeste so much I cwrote the sequel, Soras, to share more of their world and delve deeper into the world of the Mountain Gypsies aw well. It turned the Techromancy Scrolls into a phenomena, as fans went wild for the post apocalyptic world and the Knights of Wexbury. So I shifted my labor of love side project and moved the Techromancy Scrolls books into my rotation of standard releases. In book three, Masquerade, I delve deeper into the characters of Laney, Celeste, and Bexington to give them more depth and character development. And of course introducing a whole cast of new and returning characters.

Like the prior book, I had quite a bit of anxiety over the book, thinking I couldn't keep the magic of the series alive to the same degree and feed my ravenous fans. But again, you super platypus awesome people showed me my fears were baseless, as Masquerade is currently the number three bestseller and climbing.


The book continues to follow follow the adventures of s a simple commoner who became a noble and Knight in Wexbury Keep, Laney Herder, almost three thousand years after a natural disaster wiped out most life on Earth.

Laney Herder finds herself thrust into an adventure not of her choosing as Prince George asks for her assistance, in her role as a Sora of the Mountain Gypsies. She is tasked to uncover a plot to sow unrest between Highland Reach and the Lower Ten realms.

As the shadow of a civil war looms over the lands of Sparo, Laney and Celeste must navigate the twists and turns of a sedition that runs deep through all the realms, orchestrated by a familiar foe.

Can Laney stop the treasonous plan from coming to fruition as she attends the Capitol for the Royal Masquerade?


The next book in the series, Westlands, will be out in mid to late 2017.

I have the the best fans that any author could hope to have! Within a few hours of its release, Masquerade has become the number 3 bestseller in its category and climbing! It is impossible for me to convey just how much I love my readers! I appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. I also accept platypus shaped crackers and milk.
I'd love to hear feedback and discussion from YOU about the characters in Masquerade. I'd love to discuss the story with you!


  1. Well, you did ask for comments, positive or negative:
    "In book three, Masquerade, I delve deeper into the characters of Laney, Celeste, and Bexington to give them more depth and character development."
    I don't see it. Laney, maybe, a little. Celeste barely even gets to say anything aside from the occasional "I love you" (I might be exaggerating. A little). Which I suppose is OK, her being this stoic knightly person and all, but it doesn't exactly reveal new depths. Bex (re)invents something again, but again I don't see how that's anything new or "deeper". Instead, I'm worried that he becomes some sort of technological-deus-ex-machina, single-handedly re-inventing everything and anything, and what the inventions do for the setting (I get that they understand how to build cars, but where does the production base to produce them in numbers come from? Smiths suddenly smithing engine blocks? I think not ...).

    It's still a fun read and all. Laney is a great heroine to follow around, and I don't see that changing any time soon. But I don't think the other characters quite keep up with her. Everybody just amused and teasing and all all the time isn't enough. Sorry if it all sounds a bit negative. ;)

    1. Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate them. :)

      The biggest request I have had for Celeste's character is to show why she is so deadly. We never see her in action, as the books are centered around Laney. We only hear about the heroic things she does secondhand. So in this one, I tried to show her lethality firsthand instead of stories after the fact. Plus I gave the readers a look through Celeste's eyes in this book so that we get a taste of her inner feelings and thoughts through Laney's vision. And I tried showing more about her family life, including her brother, the boy she saved as a child. She is not very talkative by nature so I attempted to use these events as a sounding-board for her inner feelings and more insight as to who she is as a person.

      The biggest request from readers where Bexington is concerned is that he is used as a comedic foil to relive built up anxiety in the books and readers didn't see him as being much use as a knight. So I made sure to give him his moment to shine, showing why even the most unassuming of Wexbury knights were not to be taken lightly. We are pretty much at the end of Bex's world changing inventions. The auto-wagons and airship were pretty much his crowning achievements.

      There aren't many auto-wagons yet except for the ones commissioned for the Great Bridging. Most of the others (Only five or six in each realm so far except highland that had a few dozen) owned by rich nobbles, are just wagons with electric motors slapped onto them. No need to smith engine blocks as they don't have a concept of internal combustion engines. The people of Sparo excel at electric motor production and already have fairly easy access to them. Mass production of auto-wagons is years, if not a decade or two away.

      I'll attempt to flesh out the characters a little more as the series continues.

  2. Thanks for the response ;) That all makes a lot of sense.