Friday, December 19, 2014

Dead Shot

My thirteenth Music of the Soul book is published!

On December 18, 2014 my eBook, Dead Shot, was added at! As always, print on demand paperbacks are available as well!

Being the creature of habit I am, I'll first talk a little about this new book before I give you a story overview of it. This book will be more intense and violent than most of the other MOTS books as it is a military romance. McKenzie Meyers is soldier through and through. But I hope to point out the compassionate side of soldiers and some of the inconvenient truths about the things they must go through and still retain their humanity.

This book is the thirteenth book to take place in the Music of the Soul universe. My Baker's Dozen. Like the other books in the MOTS series, we find that it is a small world, and love can overcome the worst of tragedies.


In Dead Shot, we follow career soldier McKnezie Meyers during the years she is assigned to a United Nations Joint Peacekeeping Mission whose main thrust is to curb the dearth of human trafficking in Central Africa.

McKenzie has not been home in eighteen years but must go there to put her father's estate in order after his untimely death.

There she finds a person who seems to get her, and complete her soul. Katie, the intelligence and operations technician that sees after her fireteam when they are on scouting missions. A love grows that distance and tragedy cannot break.


The message behind this book is simply that no matter how we may view ourselves, others may see us in a different light... seeing the love and compassion we are capable of. Acceptance and forgiveness of one's self are the order of the day.

I think my readers are the most awesome readers out there! I'm also excited to share a preview of a special project I am working on. The first chapter of Red Hood: The Hunt, is at the end of the book. A dark modern retelling of the story of Red Riding Hood set in Seattle in a world overrun by werewolves.

As I always do, I want my readers to know that I love them and appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. I also accept platypus slippers.

I'd love to hear feedback and discussion from YOU about the characters in Dead Shot. I'd love to discuss the story with you!


  1. Hello! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this story. I read it in one sitting and lost sleep because I couldn't put it down. I keep on reading reviews stating this is your last book in the MOTS series. Is this true? I would be so sad to see these characters go! You have done such a wonderful job with the series, and your work just keeps getting better and better. Thank you for letting me live in another world for a short while. Your books simply make me happy.

    1. Thank you so much Katie! The answer to your question is that yes, unfortunately Dead Shot is the final book in the Music of the Soul series (for now at least), so that I can concentrate on all of my other series and the Music of the Soul spinoff series with June, London Harmony. I really enjoyed sharing the stories of the strong women of MOTS with everyone.

  2. Awe! But that's great about the spinoff for June! I can't wait to read that one! Thank you for all the entertainment! I look forward to London Harmony!