Monday, April 30, 2018

Unleashed: Case of the Gold Retriever

Case of the Gold Retriever, the third book in my new Unleashed romantic comedy / murder mystery series has been published!

On April 27, 2018 my eBook, Unleashed: Case of the Gold Retriever, was added at! And as I always do, I have print on demand paperbacks available for your reading pleasure as well!

Unleashed is a sweet, fun, and flirty return to my Music of the Soul writing style. My romances especially my paranormal romances have been getting pretty serious and dark and I though I'd lighten things up with this light hearted series that is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud and fall in love with the characters.

Plus the Unleashed series breaks from my single book love stories and I have decided to make this a long burn budding romance that matures throughout the series before the flickering fire bursts into a raging inferno.


Finnegan May has had an eventful time in Manhattan since she first moved to New York City. Her unique profession and quirky, bubbly personality endear her to everyone who meets her.

Like a magnet for trouble, Finnegan finds herself embroiled in a string of robberies that has spanned decades, while she tries to rescue a stray golden retriever who dropped a bag of money at her feet.

It is up to Detective Jane McLeary to solve the famous Broadway Cat thefts before Finnegan finds herself knee deep in things yet again.


Prepare to giggle your way through another misadventure of everyone's favorite dog walker.

You my readers are the most awesome people ever... as you have already put Case of the Gold Retriever on the Amazon bestseller lists in its categories! I super heart you all so very much!
As always, I'd like to send a humongous thank you out to all of you. And I'd love and appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. I also accept any spare flux capacitors or Delorians you may have sitting around gathering dust.
I'd love to hear feedback from YOU about the story and characters of Unleashed: Case of the Gold Retriever. I'd be thrilled to discuss the story with you!

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