Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Techromancy Scrolls: Adept

The first volume of the epic Techromancy Scrolls series, Adept, is published!

On July 18, 2015 my eBook, Techromancy Scrolls: Adept, was added at! And as always I always do, I also have print on demand paperbacks available!

This has been a secret side project I started a few months back and has become one of the most amazing experiences in my writing career! This story not only became an epic adventure, but it was also an epic undertaking. Not only did I create a whole new world, but I also made it an Open World, where other Authors are free to submit stories in that world as well. I created a website to not only enhance the reader's experience, but also as a resource for other authors.

This book is unlike any of my prior books, not only in size (Over 112,000 words) but in scope was well. I hope you, my readers, can feel the richness of the characters and environment of the epic swords and sorcery meets steampunk world.


The book follows a simple commoner in Wexbury Keep, Laney Herder, three thousand years after a natural disaster wiped out most life on Earth. It chronicles her struggles to run her family chicken farm, and utilizing her meager magical talents, she goes scavenging outside the walls of the keep to buy medicines for her ailing mother.

She meets a Knight of the Realm, Lady Celeste, and her world gets turned upside down. She finds herself thrust into the world of nobles, knights, and magic, among the Techromancers and Techno Knights she has always idolized.

Laney stands at the side of her Knight to face the greatest threat to the realms that her generation has seen. They struggle to prevent the second Great Mage War.

A tale of Mountain Gypsies, Rogues, Marauders, and Knights. Can kindness and innocence stop the oncoming storm?


The next book in the series, Soras, will be out in winter of 2015.

I have the most awesome fans and readers in the seventeen known dimensions! I continue to want my readers to know that I love them and appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. I also accept Bulgarian Kilts in a size 34.
I'd love to hear feedback and discussion from YOU about the characters in Adept. I'd love to discuss the story with you!

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