Sunday, July 14, 2013

Valkyrie Chronicles: Return of the Asgard

Return of the Asgard is published!

On July 14, 2013 my eBook, The Valkyrie Chronicles: Return of the Asgard, was added at! Print on demand paperbacks are live too! I'm a little obsessive compulsive and was refreshing my screen until I saw the book go live a few hours after I submitted it. I ran around super-fast in tiny circles when I saw the first copy sell within ten minutes of it going live! I love my readers!

To keep with tradition, let me say a little about this book before I go into the story overview with you. This SciFi book has some lesbian overtones. The Asgard race are not as hung up on gender as we humans are.

This book is the first book in the Valkyrie Chronicles series. I have always been fascinated about Norse Mythology, especially the Valkyrie and the legend of Ragnarock. I decided to put in a twist on my take of it.

What if the legends were all just the stories of actual happenings that were interpreted the best way they could understand by the Norse people. What if the Asgard race were so far technologically advanced that it appeared to be magic to the people of Earth at the time? And better yet, what if a Valkyrie had been left behind when the Asgard left Earth thousands of years ago? That is the premise of this series.


In Return of the Asgard, the book is narrated by the main character, Kara. She is a Valkyrie of Asgard who got left behind standing alone against the Ragnarok horde to allow Valhalla and the Asgard to escape. Defying the odds, Kara survived. She has fought and evaded the Ragnarok here on Earth for five thousand years. She can feel the approach of her people and she longs to go home again.

She is joined by an unlikely ally, Kate, a Seattle police detective, in her stand against the invading alien race to defend both Earth and Valhalla from the Ragnarok warriors. Kate shows dedication to justice and protecting the weak that rivals the Valkyrie. Their bond becomes something more than friendship as they hold the line together to herald the return of the Asgard!


It took a week of nights and weekends to slam out my first attempt at a SciFi novel. I'm so paranoid wondering if it will be as well received as my romance novels. I did include an LGBT romance sub plot in the book for my Music of the Soul readers. I am excited to see the reactions from you all. As always, it may not be as polished or professional as other authors, but that's how I write. I truly believe this was a story worth sharing and I hope you find it to be a story worth reading.

If this book is well received, I will start writing the second book in the series.

As I always do, I want to let my readers know that I love them and appreciate any feedback, positive or negative.

I'd love to hear feedback and discussion from YOU about the characters in Return of the Asgard. I'd love to discuss the story with you!


  1. This is an amazing book. As an ex military member, the way you write about honor and the pride of being the best warrior you can be truly moved me. One of the best books I have read in a LONG time.


  2. Thanks Doug! That means a lot coming from a vet!

  3. LOVED This book! I bought it and finished it the same night; I couldn't put it down! I can't wait to read your next Valkyrie Chronicles book!!
    This is the first book of yours I have read, but it won't be my last!!!

  4. Thanks Anna! I love your enthusiasm!