Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rose: Briar's Thorn

On September 21, 2015 my eBook, Rose: Briar's Thorn, was added at Amazon.com! Print on demand paperbacks are also available there!

I have really enjoyed writing about the women in the Urban Fairytales series, and Rose is no exception. This is Sleeping Beauty as you have never seen her before. Without the ability to even share a touch with another human, she is more like an observer looking in, than actually participating in life.

This book starts at the same point that Ella: Cinders and Ash left off, at the gates of Seattle. The four Avatars have finally met up after all these centuries.


Rose can barely remember when she had been human and what it meant to actually be happy. It was so long ago that she could actually share a simple touch with another person, another living being.

Shunning his advances, she is cursed by a man who would one day become one of the evil werewolf Alphas, Alister Marcus. Rose wanders the world for all of time, always looking in but never a part of it. Her touch is death to any living thing, and the black magics of the briars and thorny vines in her heart make sure that she can never die, so that she can live in eternal suffering.

When Rose finally finds love again, she saves her from certain death, only to curse her with an endless sleep. So Rose wanders the world again, striking at evil from the shadows, fighting to protect the very people that have branded her a monster and Mother Death.

Now she stands with the other women of lore, against an enemy so great, that even the Scales of fate believe the world will descend into chaos if they do not win the battle that is to come.


The women of this series are amazing individuals with amazing power. But that power is nothing without the other half of their hearts to balance them. We get to see this first hand, each time one makes the connection with their soulmates.

My fans are far beyond awesome, there isn't a word to describe how great they really are! As always, I want you all to know how much I love and appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. I also accept nuts and berries like Conrad.
I'd love to hear feedback and discussion from YOU about the characters in Rose. I would simply love to discuss the story with you!


  1. I just finished the Urban Fairytales series, I thought it was amazing! I loved the individuality of the characters. I hope to see more in this series!

    1. With the success of the series so far I decided to release three more books in the series, Let Down Your Hair, Rapunzel's story, is already out and I am working on Hair of Gold: Just Right, which is Goldilocks' story. :)