Sunday, April 6, 2014

Books on Audio!

I have been working to make my books more accessible over the past few months. One of the projects has been getting my books converted to audio books.

At first it looked overwhelming and far outside of my budget as quality vocal talent charges between $100-200 per hour to narrate. It is well deserved as it is a difficult and technical task to do it correctly. But that unfortunately means $1,400-2,000 per book to produce.

You can see my dilemma, with 13 published books so far and at least that many in the works, the price tag was staggering. $18,200-26,000 just for my existing books. That's a lot out of pocket up front. But I ran across the ACX program by Amazon. They pair up producers with authors and have a royalty sharing plan that allows you to have a book produced by amazing voice talents for no cash outlay up front. Instead, the producer receives 50% of the author's royalties on sales of the audiobook.

So I pounced on the opportunity and have two awesome voice talents producing my audio books!

Pamela Lorence is currently producing the books in the Music of the Soul series, and Hollie Jackson is producing all of my my SciFi and paranormal series... Valkyrie Chronicles, Fracture, and Drakon!

The best news yet is that The first books in the Music of the Soul series and the Valkyrie Chronicles series have just been released on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes!

You can get Music of the Soul on audio at the following locations...
iTunes coming soon!

You can get Valkyrie Chronicles: Return of the Asgard on audio at the following locations...


  1. I am so glad that I have found the Music of the Soul series on audio. The narrators are wonderful at expressing the characters.I am looking forward to the next audio book when it gets published.

  2. Thanks James! Hollie Jackson will be producing the rest of the MOTS series soon. :)