Thursday, August 8, 2013

Silent Bob Sneak Peek

Who is Silent Bob?

OK, I thought I would give a tiny glimpse of what you will see in the Silent Bob book from the Music of the Soul series that will be released on August 17.  I hope it is an enticing sneak peek.

Silent Bob, in the words of Kimi Salomon (Roth) from Karaoke Queen

   Her voice caught and I found I was tearing up a bit myself. We stopped for a second and both pulled out our water bottles and took a drink before she continued. "I didn't want to disappoint this woman that the gods had sent to me to be my guardian angel. I learned all I could about the business, about the outdoors. She showed me the majesty of nature and took me out here every chance we got."

   We started moving again, continuing our search. "She caught me sketching one day and excitedly brought me to the MAC. I was amazed at the works of art there. I had never seen such beautiful things. She got me an art set and art books for Christmas and encouraged me to draw. I still have the little magnifying glass she gave me to look at frost and snowflakes so I could witness the artistry of nature itself." She held up her keys by a little leather pouch.

   She took a cleansing breath as we reached the bottom of the ridge-line and started picking our way along it, looking behind every rock and outcropping. "She made me go back to school and basically raised me until I was old enough to get a place of my own. You know... my mother never went looking for me. Bobbie became my mother... my big sister. She taught me that the world wasn't this hateful, spiteful place I had always believed it to be. That it is full of beauty and wonder hiding where most people don't even think to look to find it. That beauty is everywhere, you just have to open your eyes, let it in. She brought peace into my mind to replace the all the rage. I can only hope that some day she can be proud of me. That is why she is my hero. That's why I seem to have my strange fascination with heroes. Because, if the others are like her, then this world truly is full of wonder. A place I'm happy to raise my daughter in."

If this tasty little tidbit sounded good to you, let me tease you with the fact that this is just the tiniest glance into this action packed, emotional journey into the life of Roberta Valentine... Silent Bob.

As always I'd like to hear feedback and discussion from YOU. Thanks for being such great fans!

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